What do Compression Shirts Do?

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Do you know those people at the gym wearing those tight shirts to work out?

Well, although they are totally fashionable, most people don’t wear them for that reason alone. Compression shirts are extremely beneficial for several reasons.

If you are an athlete or even a regular gym-goer and ready to up your garment game, read on.

Compression Shirt on Fitness Man

Improved Fitness and Muscular Performance  

First and foremost, if you’re thinking why compression shirts are all the rave at the moment…it’s for a valid reason. They have proven scientific benefits to muscular performance and recovery.

Ever seen professional runners with their compression socks?

Why would that be? Fatigue reduction, recovery, reduced muscle soreness and more!

For long-distance runners or fanatics of other endurance sports, this impact additionally creates microtears in your muscles. By wearing compression gear, it decreases the risk of injury. Apart from this, they can prevent or delay the onset of muscle soreness or fatigue.

Know that compression shirts and other compression gear provide support for your muscles. Long after your workout you will keep reaping the benefits!

Increased Circulation 

Circulation or blood flow is significantly increased when wearing compression gear. This is in turn produces a faster recovery time. Ultimately this leaves you stronger, faster, and even just recovered more quickly.

This benefit of compression clothing will help speed up the process of rebuilding the muscles after exercising. This is helpful for healing and rebuilding broken muscle.

Additionally, for those already injured, compression helps ease the swelling of the muscles. If you have ever heard of the acronym, RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, it is for this reason. Compression speeds up the recovery process of muscles and is essential for proper care of your body.  

Compression Shirts Keep You Dry

Another major benefit is the fact that their sweat-wicking material won’t leave you shivering in your own sweat during a workout.

You will see most compression gear is polyester or nylon. Unlike cotton, this wicks moisture and brings it to the top of the shirt so it can evaporate more quickly.

If you are tired of soaking in your sweat as you are working, they will most definitely solve this problem for you! 

Provides Comfort 

The added benefit of comfort is imperative in having a good, effective workout. Material that soaks up your sweat is important but it also causes less friction on your skin in comparison to other workout materials such as cotton. There is a reason that most workout gear is made out of nylon and polyester. Although compression shirts are tight, they are extremely breathable and provide the comfort and flexibility you need to absolutely kill your workout! 

Compression Shirts Will Keep You Warm 

Apart from the sweat-wicking benefit of compression shirts, they will simply keep you warm. Many athletes wear compression shirts during their training because they keep them warm during early morning sessions. If it is extremely cold, wearing a compression shirt under your other clothes will increase the benefit of this, blocking out the cold air and wind from touching your skin. 

Better Perceived Performance 

Face it, compression gear makes you look like a serious athlete! For us athletes who wear compression shirts or compression socks during their training sessions, studies show that we perceive to be working out harder, faster, and heavier! Because compression shirts improve your muscular capabilities, it will cause you to work out harder to ultimately, reach your fitness goals. The increased performance that compression shirts provide, gives you an edge that others haven’t discovered. Use this as motivation to run faster and lift heavier! 

Personalizing Your Compression Shirts 

Wearing compression shirts doesn’t have to be boring or plain! By personalizing your shirt with jersey numbers or team names, you are looking fashionable and taking care of your body at the same time! When are purchasing a compression shirt, be sure to consider personalizing it!

Additionally, if you like showing off your gains or even just tracking your body’s progress, compression shirts truly define the muscles you have earned! Compression shirts are great for those people who want to look confident by showing off their physique. 


If you are still wearing cotton clothing to workout, get with the program!

If you are still wearing loose clothing to workout, please consider compression shirts!

Most fitness gear is already made out of nylon or polyester which proves its effectiveness in soaking up sweat and proving comfort for you during your workout. Wearing compression shirts have so many advantages that you do not want to miss out on. Not only will it improve your performance at the moment of working out or training, but it will also increase your recovery time.

Your post-workout recovery time will never have been better!

There’s a reason that so many athletes already wear compression shirts and other compression garments during their training sessions and performances, they know the benefits first-hand and now it’s time for you to find out! 

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