Best Earthing and Grounding Products

If you’ve been following BWH, then you know that we often explore how nature affects our physiological and mental state. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to another exciting breakthrough in the field of health and fitness – the therapeutic technique of Earthing.

To help you reconnect with nature and harness its healing energy, we’ve rounded up the best earthing and grounding products in the market. Read on to know more about our top picks among earthing mats, pillowcases, sheets, patches, and shoes.

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    Our Favorite Earthing and Grounding Products

    Spending most of the day seated in your home office? You’d love how multifunctional the Earthing Universal Grounding Mat is! You can either place it on the floor to give your feet a treat or set it on the table as your mouse pad. Anywhere is great so long as that area often comes in contact with your skin.

    Upon purchase, you’d receive a complete Grounding kit – two 12.5 in x 29 in black mats, two 15 feet coil cords, two US safety adapters, and an outlet checker. The package even includes a bonus copy of the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!”


    • Made with natural, non-toxic materials (PVC and latex-free)
    • Comes in a complete set that’s easy to set up
    • Large surface area fit for varied body sizes plus sufficiently long coil cords
    • Fire-resistant
    • Multifunctional and non-intrusive to your usual work routine


    • There are customers who complained about missing inclusions, but you can contact Earthing should you encounter this issue

    There are lots to love about the Earthing Universal Grounding Mat, but we found it really impressive that this product is supported by twenty-years worth of research. Nothing is worth more than the peace of mind that your gears are backed by an utmost commitment to safety, quality, and efficacy.

    Humans, for several centuries, have slept with direct contact to the ground. Often with natural materials (e.g. animal leather) as pillows or mats. With the evolution of mankind, sleep has become detached from the Earth. No longer are our evenings spent replenishing our energy stores with the natural grounding of the earth.

    In this day and age, it would seem crazy to camp out and get your zzz’s on the grass every night. But we got another option for you: stay grounded even at night time. Consider investing in a grounding pillowcase. Our favorite product, from the Grounding Brand provides a natural product made of 95% soft cotton and 5% silver as grounding thread.

    The pillowcase includes a 16-foot grounding wire to connect your body with the Earth with an easy connector between the case and wall or grounding rod.


    • Built with premium materials, including 400TC cotton and pure silver
    • Soft and comfortable even with the metal mesh grid cloth guards
    • Safe to be washed, its silver threads are conductive yet antistatic
    • Huge surface area with its king-size dimensions and has a cord with adequate length
    • Your package will include a printed insert complete with care and washing tips plus instructions for use
    • Grounding Brand swears by their products’ quality and even offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Hit them up if you have any issues and they’ll quickly arrange for a refund or a replacement.


    • You must have a separate tool to check if your sockets are grounded since the package won’t include an outlet checker
    • Some customers complained about incomplete package inclusions, but Grounding Brand was quick to send missing parts over

    Many customers have testified to its health benefits including pain relief and an increase in REM sleep. One even shared it helps with snoring issues! The Grounding Brand King Size Pillow Case is washable, but it would be best to buy at least two sets so you can use them in rotation.

    We’ve got another must-have Grounding Brand product on our top picks, their Fitted Sheet. Similar to their pillowcases, this bedsheet is built with 100% natural cotton embedded with a silver metal mesh check pattern. You’d also get a 16 feet grounding wire that you’d have to plug into the ground port of your wall socket.


    • High quality and natural materials were used (pure silver and renewable cotton)
    • Snug and cozy sleep is guaranteed even with its silver metal mesh
    • Made with conductive but antistatic grounding threads that are washing machine and dryer-safe
    • Easy to set up and maintain, comes with an instruction manual for usage and washing
    • Backed by Grounding Brand’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, any issue with their product will be settled with fast refunds or replacements.


    • Just like their pillowcases, standard product inclusion does not include a tool for testing if your outlet is grounded
    • A customer suggested closely follow washing instructions, otherwise, you’d easily damage your grounding sheets

    Grounding brand guarantees that using their Fitted Sheet at night can provide the same effect as walking barefoot at the beach or in a field of grass. It may take a few weeks to get noticeable health benefits (e.g harmonized circadian rhythm, reduced inflammation, sleep improvement, etc.), but using a grounding sheet along with grounding pillows can help derive the best results.

    If you’re looking for the most versatile way to get grounded, the best choice would be the Earthing Grounding Patches. You can use this product at night when sleeping, at work, when just chilling at the sofa, or even while exercising.

    We love how each package could last you a long time  since it comes with a whopping 90 pieces! Customer reviews recommended to use them repeatedly until they no longer stick that well. As a budget hack, you may even cut out most of its sticker paper part and use masking tapes as a disposable substitute.

    Earthing markets this product as the ultimate grounding kit. Each purchase will include 90 conductive patches, a cord, a US safety adapter, and an outlet checker. Just like their mat package, you’d also get a free book where expert Clint Ober explained the basics and benefits of grounding.


    • Unmatched convenience, you’ll get everything you need to get grounder in one package
    • Built with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials that resemble ECG/EKG electrode patches used by doctors for lab tests
    • Reusable with its high-quality adhesive
    • Easy to set up
    • Extremely versatile, can be used during a wide range of activities from peaceful relaxation to intense workout sessions


    • There are lot of knockoff patches that don’t stick as well as original ones and even emits a toxic scent, so be sure to buy only from the Earthing Amazon store
    • Some customers wish they could purchase product inclusions separately

    The Earthing Grounding Patches is supported by the same intensive research behind their mats. Multiple reviews attested to how this product is highly effective for stress relief, better sleep quality, and managing inflammation. 

    There’s no such thing as getting “too grounded,” so consider using Earthing’s Grounding Mats and Patches at the same time whenever possible.

    The modern materials used for shoes are often nonconductive (e.g. rubber). You’d be a head-turner (in a not-so-good) way if you walk barefooted around the city, so it’s tough to be grounded if you’re always on the move. Or is it?

    To complete your Earthing lifestyle, check out Earth Runners’ wide selection of sandals with laces that are specifically designed to keep you connected with the ground. Electron transfer is made possible by their stainless steel-lined lace circuit connected to a copper plug on the footwear’s outsole. 


    • Low impact footbed with an all-weather traction
    • Ergonomic lace design with polyester webbing for a snug fit
    • The dye used is made in Los Angeles and is GOTS certified
    • A wide selection of sole thickness and lace color
    • Vegan, no animal products were used for these sandals


    • May seem quite expensive for some

    With the Earth Runners Adventure Sandals, you can keep your Circadian rhythm in tune with the Earth’s at every step. The brand guarantees that its sole and footbed combo simulates the feel of walking on the bare ground, but with all the benefits of security and protection.

    If you’re supporting businesses with advocacies, you’d be happy to know that Earth Runners allocate 1% of its sales to True Messages, a non-profit organization committed to keeping the Tarahumara culture’s running heritage alive.

    What is earthing and grounding?

    Actually, Earthing (also called Grounding) isn’t entirely new. It’s considered as a mere revival of the age-old belief that all living things belong to nature, and that physical connection with the Earth’s surface can replenish our energy levels. In the same way that we benefit from the sun’s Vitamin D, the ground also provides electric nutrition that some fondly call “Vitamin G.”

    If you walk barefooted, you’d usually feel a tingling, warm sensation. This phenomenon is caused by the Earth’s mobile electrons that also nourishes plants and animals.

    However, the modern world is dominated by non-conductive materials (e.g. the rubber in our shoes, tile flooring in our homes, etc.) that disconnects us from the ground. This also blocks us out from potential benefits of Earthing such as inflammation reduction, sleep improvement, and enhanced blood flow.

    How and Why Would You Use Earthing and Grounding Products?

    Most common adults spend the majority of their time indoors. It might be for work, relaxation, or fitness. Many find it hard to squeeze in quality time to connect with nature during our hectic schedules and the safety protocols for COVID 19. 

    While there might be no substitute for exchanging earthly energies with mother nature, there are some excellent products you can use to help when your lifestyle makes it difficult or impossible. 

    Note that these products do not really use electricity. They just make use of your sockets’ grounding system.

    Some of our top picks already include a tool for you to test the ground. If for some reason you don’t have a proper ground, you can often times install a grounding rod to get the same effect. 

    Many indoor grounding products are sold in sets, complete with the product itself, and connectors. After attaching the connector(s) together, simply plug it into a verified grounded outlet and place it in direct contact with your skin, and voila! You’re now ready to harness the Earth’s healing energy.

    Are Grounding and Earthing supported by science?

    There is a solid scientific explanation behind Grounding, with emphasis on our biological functions.

    Notice how every bodily function is governed by electric transmissions within your body? Your thoughts. Your responses to external stimuli. The brain communicates with the rest of your organs through electrical cues. 

    As we’ve discussed in our circadian rhythm article, humans are extremely receptive to natural signals such as the rise and fall of the sun. In a similar manner, your daily cycle is regulated by the electromagnetic signals generated by the ground.

    Here’s what actually happens when you practice Earthing. Whenever you have direct contact with the ground, the Earth and its natural negative charge will stabilize the bioelectrical circuit that manages your physiological processes (e.g. blood flow, immune system, etc.).

    This results in the following health benefits:

    • Eliminates or reduces pain and chronic inflammation 
    • Improves quality of sleep
    • Enhances blood flow to effectively nourish your body with nutrition and oxygen
    • Vitality boost so you’d look good and feel better
    • Helps in stress management
    • Combats menstrual and hormonal symptoms, headaches, and muscle tension
    • Facilitates faster healing from physical injuries

    Do earthing and grounding products really work?

    Healing energy? Vitamin G? We wouldn’t blame you if these initially sound like farfetched witchcraft. However, there are multiple peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate Earthing’s health benefits along with various indoor grounding products.

    Let’s take a closer look at how this research validates the health benefits of Grounding:

    Improved sleep 

    100% of the test subjects said that they woke up feeling well-rested after using grounding sheets. 93% enjoyed better sleep quality, and 85% required a shorter time to fall asleep.

    Stress management

    Low Heart Rate Variability (HRV) levels are linked to anxiety, depression, and stress. After 40 minutes of using Earthing patches, participants showed a 50% to 68% increase in HRV measurements. 

    Restoration of the Circadian Rhythm

    Prior to the experiment, subjects had an erratic cortisol profile graph. Six weeks of using Grounding mattress pads have normalized their cortisol levels in accordance with the time of the day. All 12 of them reported fewer waking times at night, and 9 experienced higher daytime energy plus reduced fatigue.

    Mood improvement

    Pleasant and positive moods statistically improved among 40 subjects who used Earthing mats, pillows, and patches for one hour as compared to the results of normal relaxation alone.

    Reduced blood viscosity

    10 healthy adults were observed as they used Grounding patches for two hours. It was found that Earthing helps reduce blood clumping and viscosity, a result that can have impressive applications in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

    Final Thoughts

    Here at we are committed to helping our readers shift to healthier lifestyles in every way possible. Grounding products are definitely worthy additions to our list of must-have lifestyle provisions. Whether you’re spending most of the day at rest or if you’re constantly on the move, or looking for recovery we hope you find a lot of knowledge from this guide. Don’t forget to share with us your Earthing experience after you try them out!